The North Texas American Saddlebred Horse Association was incorporated in 1994 as a Charter Club of the American Saddlebred Horse Association for the purpose of

(a) promoting the American Saddlebred horse in the North Texas area;
(b) providing opportunities for education in the breeding, caretaking, use, handling, and development of American Saddlebred horses;
(c) encouraging good sportsmanship and proper conduct among horsemen and horsewomen and fostering good fellowship between North Texas American Saddlebred farms and stables; and
(d) establishing a North Texas Horse Show Circuit and providing American Saddlebred horse trainers, owners, and enthusiasts with convenient and economical local activities and competitive events.

The Association is a non-profit corporation with a Board of Directors consisting of 4 elected officers, and 5 non-officer directors. Directors are elected to a 2-year term in February of even-numbered years, and non-officer directors are elected to 2-year terms in February of odd-numbered years.  Currently, the officers are:

Brent Cowan, president
Candee Carlson, vice-president
Sandee Razminas, treasurer
Betsy Cowan, secretary

and the non-officer directors are:

Gail Kirkland

Jane Monsson
Bill Marple
Soozie Bul

As  a charter club of ASHA, all officers and 25% of the membership are to be members of ASHA.  Additionally, ASHA asks that charter clubs sponsor two annual events.  In our case, the NTASHA-UPHA Fall Classic Horse Show is our main event, but we also produce an American Saddlebred calendar that we sell to horse enthusiasts from across the country.  We help to sponsor other Teaxs Saddlebred shows and awards ceremonies, and we try to hold clinics and other educational or promotional events as possible.

North Texas American Saddlebred Horse Association