North Texas American Saddlebred Horse Association
Sponsorship from Our Stable $1000 Increments
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 Sponsorship from Our Stable $500 Increments
Championship Class Sponsorship $50
Banner Sponsor  $300
Qualifier Class Sponsorship $25
Walking Horse Show Sponsorship $50 increments
Why Sponsor in Advance? Why sponsor at all?

As fellow horse-lovers, we understand how  much it costs just to have a horse, much less go to a horse show.  So we know perfectly well that it's hard to justify giving even more money to a horse show that will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to attend, and offers little if any prize money. 

But please do!

It costs almost $80,000 to host this horse show, much of it due up-front. Between the facility rentals, and salary and travel expenses of our officials, it's just a huge financial undertaking.  But horse shows are so necessary to the health of our horse industry.  Without shows to attend, there would be little incentive to breed, raise, train, or offer lessons. The horse professionals couldn't continue, and even boarding barns would begin to vanish. 

With fewer and fewer people owning their own land, the  joy and love of horse ownership---that special magic of a one-on-one relationship with a 1,200-pound animal---could truly become a thing of the past.

So please DO spend a little extra. Or, better yet, talk to the businesses you frequent and give them the opportunity to support something that's important to you.  NTASHA is a 501c3 committed to sharing our horses with the world and to perpetuating a "hobby" that loves you back and helps you grow from the inside-out! In addition to providing you with a receipt, we can offer the incentives listed above.

Support the Show With Sponsorships From Outside Businesses

Another great way to support a horse show is to solicit outside sponsors. Our show offers businesses a wonderful opportunity to market their service or product to a very specific target market, which is very beneficial for equine-related businesses, but also a good marketing opportunity for companies of any general merchandise like jewelry, apparel, travel services, or anything else that our exhibitors buy on a regular basis. We can offer a range of exposure from the mention of their business over the PA, to allowing them to hang signs or set up tables or vendor trailers. Besides our show, which sells about 300 stalls each year, the AMHA  Mini Horse World's Championship sells about 900 stalls each year to exhibitors from all across the US and even overseas. A business with a vendor trailer could set up with visibility to both shows.  Please click here to download a copy of our
 LETTER TO POTENTIAL SPONSORS, and thank you for volunteering your time!

                                                              DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE 501c3 VERIFICATION FOR YOUR TAX RECORDS
-Be the named sponsor of a session
-Hang unlimited signage in the arena 
-7 extra box seats
-Advertising on NTASHA web site
-Advertising in any  premium books printed after receipt of funds
-Feature story on the NTASHA Facebook page

-Hang up to 2 signs in the arena

-7 extra box seats

-Advertising on
 NTASHA web site

-Advertising in any  premium books printed after receipt of funds

-Submit your photo or logo to us before September 15 and we will have a 2' x 4' color sign made for you. This corrugated plastic banner will be displayed at the show and you are also welcome to take it home.  Bring it back to future shows, and we will re-display it for a $100 each year. 

-You will be announced as the class sponsor at least twice during the class, and are welcome to help present the trophy. 

-You will be announced as the class sponsor at least twice during the class. 

-Sponsors specifically directing their funds to help support the TWH portion of the show expenses are supporting the effort to put these wonderful, happy & healthy horses in front of the non-TWH public.
-NTASHA thanks you for continuing to choose from the other sponsorship options as well.
-A breed flyer with your barn info or photo will be made available to the public as provided.
-TWH sponsors of at least $500 may also place signs in the arena.

Paypal does charge us a processing fee, so we encourage you to send checks if possible, to: NTASHA, c/o Sandee Razminas, 1732 Steamboat Dr., Plano, TX 75025